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Are you feeling stuck in your magical practice or not sure where to get started?

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Jumpstart Your Magical Practice is here to help. This 4-week online course will take you on an exploration of the core elements of witchcraft, from learning about elemental energies and tapping into your own power through divination, connecting with spirit guides and more! Whether you're a beginner or a more seasoned witch who needs a reboot, this course has something that can take your practice to the next level.

Imagine unlocking powerful energy within yourself while being guided by an experienced practitioner who is passionate about helping you achieve the successes you deserve. With Jumpstart Your Magical Practice, now's the time to start exploring the depths of what ritual magic can offer you.

Sign up today for my 4-week online course Jumpstart Your Magical Practice and start living life on your own terms! Come discover all that this incredible spiritual journey has in store for you as we dive deep into unlocking hidden powers within ourselves.



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  • Foundational practices cultivated through years of practice so you can spend less time wondering where to start which means you’ll have more time to put your magic into action.
  • Easy online format so you can learn from wherever you are and whenever you want, so no need to rearrange your schedule or worry about missing a class.
  • Step-by-step flexible guidance to craft your own individual spells so you can focus your efforts on what works for you - no more googling spells that don’t work.
  • Questions and answers delivered weekly for each module so you get the support you need to get started and to keep you going.
  • Written feedback on your goal and the spell you create. 
  • Bonus immediate access to Moon Magic - Back to the Basics.  This online mini-course was designed to help you work on manifesting your goals with the phases of the moon and is FREE with your purchase ($59 value)

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Jumpstart Your Magical Practice you will learn to harness your magic to help achieve the successes you deserve. By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Craft a spell incorporating elemental energies that works
  • Understand and practice how the breath, mind, and energy channels come together to create your witch power.
  • Use simple divination methods to get clear on your work.
  • Develop a blueprint and connect with a spirit ally. 

What are students saying about the course?

This course was just what I needed to re-establish my witchcraft practice! Lilith covered a variety of topics with just the right level of depth and provided detailed explanations and examples, along with exercises to apply the concepts in practice. Her passion and enthusiasm helped me to stay engaged and motivated throughout the entire course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to establish or reinvigorate their practice. 

-Becky J. 


Most people never manifest the life they desire.

Luckily For You

There IS a magical solution. 

And I'm going to teach it to you.  Here's what you get:

What's Included In The Course...


Elemental Magic 101

Understanding elemental energy is the basis of many successful magical practices. Learn actionable steps you can take to start building your magic including:

  • Historical Perspective: Elements and Magic
  • Properties and Correspondence
  • How the elements are incorporated into your witchcraft

You’ll finish this module by drafting a goal and a spell to help you achieve it. 


The Power of the Witch 101

With the basic spell craft pieces in place, the next step is to build your internal power. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The power of your breath
  • How to begin to understand and use your mind
  • Activation of energy channels and charging your third eye

You’ll finish this module by practicing the techniques and getting clearer on your goal. 


Divination 101

Every witch should know some basic divination techniques. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to use a pendulum (even if you don't own a pendulum)
  • How to begin reading tarot cards right now
  • How to use a deck of playing cards in a pinch

You’ll finish this module by using divination to re-evaluate your goal.

Bonus Lesson - Take a guided journey to meet the Magician.  


Working with Spirits 101

Engaging the spiritual realm in your work begins to take your practice to the next level. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How and why witches work with several classes of spirits
  • The difference between UPG (unverified personal gnosis) and tradition - and why to use both
  • How to begin your own relationships in the spirit world

You'll finish this module by developing your own spirit relationship blueprint.

Bonus course

Moon Magic - Back to the Basics

Use the cycles of the moon to bring your intentions to life.  In this mini-course you'll get:

  • Four video lessons to help you work with the energy of the moon's phases
  • A manifestation guide
  • Spells for each phase of the moon

This $59 value-packed mini-course is FREE with your purchase of Jumpstart Your Magical Practice.

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